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An exciting but long haul book and screenwriting journey that began in 2003 is now entering the most rewarding phase with the launch of the first of many books and movie screenplays that have been written by founder and CEO of MHF Holdings and subsidiaries, MH Forrest.

The book series is entitled: The Meaning of Life and consists of six books. The first of the six is fully completed and is being launched primarily via social media. The subtitle of each of the books is as follows:

When the Black Dog is Barking up the Right Tree

The Simple Truth (a more accessible and less technical version of book number one, which shares the name with the writer’s first pop band duo)

Off Grid Entrepreneur (a “how to” book about gaining financial success and simultaneously gaining geographical freedom, if desired)

Up the Rabbit Hole

Complain!… Get what you deserve

Manifest!… Get what you think

In parallel to these non-fiction works is a movie trilogy known as Selfish Jeans with the following titles within the Selfish Jeans franchise:

The Enlightenment,

God’s Dice

Exit Strategy.

There is a fourth one in the making which relates to the book Up the Rabbit Hole entitled The New Earth. The movie franchise, whilst being fiction work includes many of the concepts that are discussed in the non-fiction book series. Because the ITZA Global organization, which is part of MHF Holdings, also owns a number of record labels, the musical content for both the audiobooks (extended musical experience editions) and the movies has been/is being created in house. The labels already have a huge back catalogue of music which is being released and most, if not all, of this music has relevance to both the audiobook and the movies.

To learn more about the initial book release in the series please check out,,, off grid entrepreneur (YouTube channel), and related social media. A FR33 (free) audiobook and eBook excerpt is available via our partner’s along with many other FR33 content and resources. The book will be on sale imminently via Klapster, Amazon and other good online retailers.

In light of the fact more and more people are looking for audiobooks rather than ebooks and tree diminishing hard copy books, Matthew is producing audiobooks and extended audiobooks for the series. It is doubtless because of the “busy life syndrome” most people are requesting to buy the audiobook version.

The writer is making podcast, TV, radio and book launch appearances in order to promote the book and will be exploring other avenues such as TED talk presentations.n ultricies mi vitae est. Mauris place

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