A brief life history of M.H.Forrrest


atthew Forrest or Matt Forrest is an author, thinker, and writer. He is one of the most influential public intellectuals on the earth right now. Meet the successful entrepreneur, metaphysician, and world traveler – M. H. Forrest. He is the author of the screenplay trilogy ‘Selfish Jeans’ and the business book ‘Off-Grid Entrepreneur’. Further, he is also an inventor, songwriter, producer, and CEO of ITZA Global.

Matthew Forrest has his own brand in the name of ITZA Global. It is a global consultancy with expertise in each field of operations. It deals with intellectual property creation, licensing, and franchising options. It is a collaboration of wisdom from the planets of the greatest minds. Furthermore, the divisions include working in different industrial sectors.

The Meaning of Life book series lays the foundation for philosophies and truths. However, it is much more than a book series because it extends to conferences, mentoring, Vlogs/Blogs, and ties in with the Off-Grid Entrepreneur persona. The nonfiction books create the basis for the upcoming movie trilogy “Selfish Jeans”.

Off-Grid Entrepreneur is what the founder and CEO of ITZA Global is better known as. It coaches people wishing to escape the nine to five-wage slave mindset. There is a heavy emphasis on geographical freedom, but this is only a small part of the coaching system and book. Although wealth accumulation is a key part, fulfillment and, to some degree, spirituality is fully emphasized because being rich and in low spirits is senseless.

ITZA Global Records is as much about sync licensing as pop chart success. As will all aspects of ITZA Global, it’s about nurturing talent. About harnessing passions and helping get the best out of talent.