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A successful entrepreneur, metaphysician and world traveller. Author of the fairy of everything (T.O.E) called the Meaning of Life series, the business book Off Grid entrepreneur series, and the screenplay trilogy Selfish Jeans. Inventor, songwriter, producer, and CEO of ITZA Global.


The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life– This is the first book ever to detail the true nature of reality in a coherent manner.

The first book in the series is now out; helping to enhance human understanding and experience.

As you are expecting, being a theory of everything it covers a multitude of interrelated disciplines. These include: evolutionary psychology, quantum physics, natural and sexual selection in the field of evolutionary biology, cosmology and many more.

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Available soon is the audio version of the book. In the meanwhile, if you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive both a free Ebook and Audiobook of the introduction.

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New Audiobook


Available soon is the audio version of the book. In the meanwhile, if you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive both a free Ebook and Audiobook of the introduction.

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Best Author Of His Generation

Consciousness beyond Life

“The Meaning of Life book offers huge amounts of evidence that there is a primacy of consciousness, like we also know from scientific research on Near-Death Experiences.

This important book is a valuable read for anyone wishing to understand the nature of reality.”

—Pim van Lommel, Cardiologist, NDE-researcher

Closer To Truth

“Addressing the “big questions” of raw existence and human sentience is the highest calling of human beings, which is why I appreciate Matt Forrest’s energetic, effervescent sweep of probative topics in “The Meaning of Life”. While I may not agree with certain assumptions and assertions, I see the scope of subjects as exemplifying and highlighting the kinds of issues and challenges that compose the “big questions”.

— Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Creator and Host

Beautiful Amazon Review (Audiovisual)

The Meaning of Life by M. H. Forrest



Unlike any other book I’ve read

I’ve been searching for answers for a long time and the pandemic has made me think even more about what life is all about at a deeper level.

The book is challenging in parts, which I expected as it covers a huge array of relevant subjects. But it delivers on it’s title. I was kicking myself throughout the read because I felt like I should have figured out some of the revelations in advance, but I can see how easy it is to go with what we intuitively think is true without questioning what’s really going on.

Ann Wainwright

The most inspiring read ever

When I first saw the title of this book I was extremely pessimistic. Being the unsure person that I am, I have always been curious of my intent and purpose. After reading the first couple of chapters I got distracted with the daily notions of life, it wasn’t until after a personal disaster I decided to pick up the book again and simply can not emphasise how this amazing literature has changed my perspective and methods towards our being. I literally have been the black dog barking up the wrong tree, oh how i’m going to change my ways. I am now aware of the mechanics of my consciousness and have seen the light, linear time is no longer a myth but a belief and I feel I have a true purpose for existence. I can’t thank the writer of this book enough… thank you!

Karen Johnson

Philosophy backed by Scientific insights!

For anyone who needs strong evidence for bold claims, this is the book for you. The conclusions in this book are supported by scientific research, so there are very few leaps of faith necessary. There are many pseudo-scientific books on philosophy, which may provide some light food for thought, but lack much in terms of supporting evidence. This book however provides plenty, so you come away feeling more convinced with the ideas that are presented.

Recommended reading for anyone looking for a deeper understanding on the true nature of reality!

Dominic McIntyre

Gripping read cannot wait for the next instalment

Easy to read explanation of life the universe and everything in it and beyond ….can not wait to read the next part. One mans views on reality that everyone can relate to ….neither science nor religion based theory’s that actually make sense …this book should appeal to all …from the inexperienced that wish some insight into the world we live in through to the most accomplished visionary’s that May require a deeper insight into the art of manifestation. This could quite easily be used as an operating manual to control the world we live in

J mackenzie

Confirms what many know about mental health disorders and higher awareness

This is a brilliant, must read book! Everyone needs to read it. Very timely and confirms what many of us already know and believe with sound justifications. It is not the self that is out of sync, it is our alignment with the universe and what we are made to believe we need to be and do to exist happily in the modern capitalist world. This book is a call to change our perception of how things really are and should be to save our sanity.

Lisa Bennett

A book of all books

A book about truth. Doesn’t matter if you are a vax or anti vax. BLM or ALM. Pandemic or plandemic. Right wing or left wing ,atheist or believer it’s not about believe what I say. It’s about looking at the evidence of how things works starting with the facts . As the writer points out the brain is an individualised and closed circuit phenomenon sat in the dark, excluding excess to the truth out there , this means the non passive mind is about maps not territory. So what can you trust if you can’t trust the world itself ? Well this book ingeniously transcends that apparent paradox. The deepest of truth is is way beyond intuition and perception but is the holy grail, there has never been a time in history when this truth has been so important. The book should be made compulsory reading for all humanity especially those executing nefarious plans. Great read 10/10 Jan

janet sinnott

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